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Why hire K-DOG?
K-DOG researches dynamic web design and content ideas that are interactive and database-driven. We're not about static content but rather dynamic content; blogs, podcasts and vodcasts. We are about programming websites to maximize user interaction. We believe that content is King!

Areas of research
  • online programming : Perl CGI, PHP5, Java
  • e-commerce research : Paypal IPN integration and selling digital content
  • current research : Java OOP, Python, PHP5, HTML5, Javascript, JQuery, Adobe Premiere, Flash, After Effects and data processing/parsing
  • networking the home office : Windows 2003
  • technical writing : english and french
  • dynamic web page development and content management : Access, mySQL, flat files
  • audio-video production : blog, vodcast, podcast : RSS feeds

  • Where Baseball Players, Agents and Teams connect

    Learn about PHP and mySQL - under construction

    Calculate your golf handicap index

    Where Hockey Players, Agents and Teams connect

    IMPORTANT all about K-DOG Inc.
    Established in 1996

    We look for new opportunities and aspire to create media that may appeal to a wide audience. Any ideas or questions can be directed to our team at K-DOG.

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    | ¥ |  K-DOG projects : HockeyBios
    Dynamic Notes
    Increase website traffic

    Content is what drives the Internet business. People visit web destinations because they want or need something. For example, free email, free software, utility programs, auctions, information and other resources have proven to be successful.

    Today, surfers read RSS feeds and weblogs are in fashion. Others are beginning to start careers in music and broadcasting through podcasting. In the end, good content will drive the traffic on your website. Assemble your team and start inventing the content of tomorrow.

    Take a few moments to read and contribute to the new GENIE blog and podcast for entrepreneurs.

    HockeyBios is back online: where players, agents and teams meet to build a winning hockey team.. Start your dream today : HockeyBios

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