Java Programming and Multimedia Tutorial

E08  Java Programming and Multimedia
Kiley McDaniel, P.V.N.C. CDSB
Learn how to drive your ICS3M and ICS4M students to learn OOP and Java programming (applets and applications) by incorporating multimedia into your labs. Students can meet all the specific expectations and have fun at the same time. Session will feature use of JDK ver1.3 and JCreator ver1.52 as IDE. Online resources and tutorial available :
Audience: S PS
Strand: Computer Studies/Science
Audience Prerequisite:Computer programming and HTML skills
Computer: WIN

Java Applet Multimedia Projects

Multimedia Easter Egg Demo

Download Easter Egg source
*     Multimedia in Java                                      
*    Computer and Information Science                
*    Procedural Java = before thinking OOP         
*     2012 Goal :  update using Java OOP and MVC                                                                
*    Lab #8 :  Halloween      Date:  Oct 31/2002  
   import java.applet.*;
   import java.awt.*;
   import java.awt.event.*;
   import javax.swing.*;
   public class Halloween implements ActionListener, Runnable
   //ARRAY CODE       
      ImageIcon[] images=new ImageIcon[3];
      AudioClip[] audioclip= new AudioClip[2];
      int frame= 1;
      int button= 2;
   // Intro of buttons        
      Button bwitch=new Button("WITCH");
      Button bghost=new Button("GHOST");
      volatile Thread thread;
      JFrame jframe = new JFrame("Application version");
      Drawing draw = new Drawing();
      public Halloween()
      // these are the picture files being used as well as the audioclips
         images[0] = new ImageIcon("C:\\comp sci\\eclipse java prog\\New Halloween OOP\\src\\flyingwitch.jpg");
         images[1] = new ImageIcon("C:\\comp sci\\eclipse java prog\\New Halloween OOP\\src\\ghost.jpg");
         images[2] = new ImageIcon("C:\\comp sci\\eclipse java prog\\New Halloween OOP\\src\\jack-o-lantern.jpg");
            audioclip[0] =Applet.newAudioClip(new URL("C:\\comp sci\\eclipse java prog\\New Halloween OOP\\src\\"));
            audioclip[1] =Applet.newAudioClip(new URL("C:\\comp sci\\eclipse java prog\\New Halloween OOP\\src\\"));
          // audioclip[2] =getAudioClip(getCodeBase(),"PATCH.AU");
            catch (MalformedURLException murle){};
         JPanel top = new JPanel();
         jframe.add(top, "North");
      public void start()
         (thread = new Thread (this)).start();
      public void stop()
         thread = null;
      class Drawing extends JComponent
         public void paint (Graphics g)
         // image and sound play as user mouse clicks on button
            button= 2;
         // button = 2 is default pumkin
      public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
         if (e.getSource()==bwitch)
            button= 0;
         else if (e.getSource()==bghost)
            button = 1;
      public void run()
         int delay = 6000;
            while (thread==Thread.currentThread())
            // changes screen into the picture that was chosen and then repaints the original screen
               frame = button;
            catch (Exception e)
      }//end of NewHalloween program
      public static void main(String [] args)
         new Halloween();
   }// Happy Halloween!!

Download Easter Egg Image and Sound files

Multimedia Threaded Easter Egg Demo

Download Threaded Easter Egg source

Multimedia Halloween Demo

Download Halloween source

Random Easter Eggs Demo

Download Random Easter Eggs source

Interactive GUI Demo

Interactive GUI Demo with File Handling

Interactive Theatre Reservation - parallel arrays

Precipitation - 2 D arrays

Java Multimedia Tutorial TOC

Applets VS Applications

Swing Library

Abstract Windows Toolkit - Sound, Images and GUI


OOP Multimedia Design Challenge

OOP Demo

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