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Interactive Media

by Kiley McDaniel


This tutorial is dedicated to Communication Technology students in Ontario and attempts to address expectations found in TGJ3M and TGJ4M university/college preparation course profiles:

The tutorial will be helpful to webpage designers and people trying to learn more about creating interactive content for the Internet, CD-Rom or DVD distribution. It will empower creative people interested in learning animation to author interactive stories. In addition, teachers and students can use this tutorial as a springboard to learn more about computer programming.


In order for multimedia to be useful it should be dynamic, interactive and engaging to an end user or target audience. In this tutorial, you will learn to create interactive multimedia in Flash MX. You will learn to program keyboard (ex. text input) and mouse events (ex. press, release, rollover) to involve an end user in your content. The tutorial will be broken down into a number of lessons and will review some very basic Flash animation techniques. Those of you that have extensive experience designing animations in Flash can skip Lesson 1 and move on to Lesson 2.

Why use Flash?

F lash is a good program for creating multi-sensory content and it supports a wide variety of media files (ex. movie (.avi, .mpeg), audio (.wav, .mp3). In addition, it is widely used on the Internet and most internet users have the Flash plugin installed in their browser to view the content. Flash animation software is used to advertise goods, to entertain, to teach (ex. CAL) and to design websites. There are other uses but that's for you to discover.



- Creating the Flash movie objects used in this tutorial - Happy Face and Bird

- Design and Layout of Interactive Happy Face : Adding Actionscript to objects

- Adding a new Scene and Using Actionscript for Navigation

- Adding Actionscript to Movieclip objects

- Where to find additional Actionscript code and training



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