Media PC

It has been a while.   I will be conducting an IT experiment this summer.    I am a big fan of Windows and especially Adobe software for making media.  I have been using Adobe Production Premium for years to create films, vodcasts, packages (PKG), podcasts, 2D animations, posters, graphics for print, press and web.   However, the time comes when an organisation needs to reinvest or update software and if you require volume licensing like in education then the cost to retool can get very high.

Our IT lead checked on volume pricing to upgrade what we have and the price per seat was approximately $300 CAN.  I hope we go ahead with an Adobe purchase but we cannot afford annual subscription pricing unless there is ongoing support from Admin.

We have been playing around with open source software for a number of years and the distro we like is Ubuntu.   With a little bit of research I have created a list of communication software that might meet our media production needs; Blender, Kompozer, Lightworks, Gimp, Synfig, Pencil 2D, Cinelerra, JACK Audio Connection Kit, Audacity, Bitwig Ardour, Pro Tools First and WINE.

The experiment :  create a 100 % Linux media production system.  What is the down side?   The time it takes to install all the disparate apps and the hope they do not have annoying download conditions and more important the time to learn all the new software.  It took years to learn and generate good workflows in Adobe Production Premium and how long will it take to generate industry standard content and memorable workflows using open source software.  Lastly, it will be interesting to see if the skills learned producing media in these new environments will transfer well to industry standard applications like Adobe. Time will tell as the experiment begins.