What is your next play?

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party.  Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party.  My daughter, the 1 year old, is trying to add something to this blog entry.  I will need to work hard to keep her away from stuff.  What are your thoughts on thoughts?  I spend some time reflecting on Pope Francis’ tweets.

Actors on TV are way too intense and the stories are superficial attempts at hyperbole.  All the commercials try to be funny.  I guess that I should not complain.  My child’s maraca starts playing in the background which nearly stirs me into a rage, only to subside and fade into acceptance.

There is some new music that I love but I don’t know the artist which makes me sad.  Just watched 2014 Super Bowl halftime show and it was awesome.  Better than the game.  It is 29-0 at the top of the 3rd quarter and I’m starting to cheer for the Broncos because they are losing.

I’m frustrated typing on the BB mini keyboard.  How do you insert images into Word to Go?    What is the purpose of the F1 to F12 hotkeys?   Why do I think that I can maintain a blog when I fail to read anything beyond online newspapers?   The muse is somewhat limited and it needs to be nurtured by other artists.   This is an attempt at automatic writing which I learned years ago is a strategy authors use to overcome writer’s block.

You may be wondering about the first two lines of this blog entry…. My mother was a secretary and she used to warm up her fingers typing this line several times before getting into a typing task on the old Underwood.   Oops.   Another turnover by the Broncos.  Seahawks have possession at 5:09 in the 3rd. Wow.  Nice catch.  It’s 35-0 and the Seahawks are rocking Super Bowl 48.

Horray!  Manning makes a nice pass to the end zone and a better series of catches make it 36-8.  The comeback begins baby!  I’ve been chatting with a number of people using IM+ during the game and it is a festive time for many.

Just another evening on the Playbook and enjoying a football game.