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WHY USE BaseballBios:

If you are looking to turn pro, play at the college or university level, or just change professional teams then BaseballBios is the link to fulfilling your baseball dreams. If you want to play then we want to help. In every league there is a high turnover rate of players. As a member of BaseballBios you will be among the eligible players who may be selected by one of our subscribing teams.


This service came to be from a need to help general managers, coaches and recruiters locate players. Almost all minor league, college, and European teams have little or no scouting staffs. They needed a service to provide just-in-time information so they can make choices and also more importantly have a way of making contact with you, the player. Professional and college level teams can view your profile 24/7. Teams login and search the profiles online to fill any void in their roster. Looking for that perfect fit, a team comes across your profile, seeing your phone number or email and make the call. It's that simple. The next step is yours. In order to have the best visibility you need your name in front of as many decision makers as possible.


First, create a profile and add a picture of yourself wearing a current team jersey. Be sure to provide as much information as you can and remember that this may be the first time the recruiter has heard of you. Try to make a good impression. As you know, there are a lot of other players who are in the same situation but it's you they want. In addition, only college, university, or minor league or equivalent players will be considered.

You must now create a login and password. This login and password must be remembered as you will need them in the future to login and update your profile. Check out and participate in the open discussion forum that is shared by players, agents and teams. The forum can help you to network with others and get you timely information about tryouts and teams. Do not forget your username and password!


Upon receiving confirmation that you are now in the system you may access your file at any time you wish. You must remember your username and password. It is important to keep your profile current because many teams will be searching at different times throughout the season to replace injured players or to request a tryout. Your profile will be retired from the system if you fail to renew subscription within 1 year of registration.

Remember the only people that can view your profile are you and any interested team wanting to get in touch with you. Your profile is secure.

Good luck.


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